Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis

Pink eye causes the eye to look bloodshot and occurs in the clear membrane over the white part of the eye. The pink or red color is due to inflammation, and conjunctivitis causes itchiness and discomfort.

There are various forms of pink eye, and differentiating among them is important for treatments purposes. You can usually tell which type you have by the way your eyes feel:

Conjunctivitis is brought about by a virus, bacteria, an allergic reaction or a foreign body on the eye.

The best way to treat pink eye is to avoid the causes since both viral and bacterial conjunctivitis spread easily to others. Once pink eye has developed, however, a warm compress can help alleviate the discomfort.

Medication may be provided by your eye doctor depending on which type of pink you have. There usually isn't medication associated with viral conjunctivitis because it usually clears up on its own. Bacterial conjunctivitis is normally taken care of with antibiotic eyedrops, and antihistamine allergy pills or eyedrops will help control allergic conjunctivitis. For giant papillary conjunctivitis, eyedrops may be prescribed to reduce inflammation and itching.